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Newbie Priest Guide

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Newbie Priest Guide   

Possibly the most self sufficent class on the mud, Priest are
a mix of a Warrior and a Cleric. Capable of being played as a
straight up fighter, or a spellcaster, or a mix in between tailored
to the players choice and preferences, Priests are among the
most versatile.They are strong enough to utilize their physical
attacks, and also as capable utilizing spells, with both attack and
defensive spells in their arsenal. A Priest's main stat attribute is
Wisdom, so a Sprite would be almost most logical, as it's the only
class with a modifier to WIS at character creation, but a Half Giant
(for the HP) or Elf (for a fairly balanced spellcaster) race Priest is
not unheard of. Like a Necromancer, the Priest is sufficient due
partially to their ability to gain hitpoints back while utilizing their
spells for attack on the enemy.  They also have a wide variety
of defensive spells aiding in their adventures.  Unlike many other
classes, a Priest is fairly capable throughout their entire run through
the levels, without any significantly difficult areas to level.

Below is the Skills List of an Priest, along with a guide of
importance for them to be learned.
(A) = Practice ASAP
(B) = Practice when you have spare points, or it's useful
later than when you get it
(C) = Dont bother

   3:                    avoid (A)
   4:               cure light (C)
   5:               dust devil (C)
   6:             create water (B)
   7:              create food (B)
   8:              chill touch (C)
  11:           cure blindness (B)
  12:              detect evil (C)
  13:             detect magic (B)
  13:              detect good (C)
  14:            cause serious (C)
  15:                blindness (A)
  16:                  refresh (B)
  17:             cure serious (A)
  18:           vampiric touch (C)
  19:            detect hidden (B)
  20:             detect invis (B)
  20:             cure disease (B)
  21:            second attack (A)
  22:           cause critical (C)
  23:                   poison (B)
  23:          enhanced damage (A)
  24:               earthquake (C)
  25:                     stab (A)
  26:            cure critical (C)
  27:                    invis (B)
  28:                    curse (B)
  29:              dispel evil (C)
  30:           call lightning (C)
  30:              dispel good (C)
  31:              cure poison (B)
  32:                   refuge (A)
  33:           stinking cloud (C)
  34:                    bless (A)
  35:          control weather (C)
  36:                 identify (B)
  38:                     hide (B)
  40:              flamestrike (C)
  41:                      fly (B)
  42:                     peek (B)
  43:            detect poison (C)
  46:            locate object (B)
  48:                     heal (A)
  50:            vampiric bite (A)
  57:               faerie fog (A)
  58:               soul flare (C)
  62:          improved refuge (A)
  65:                    haste (A)
  68:             dispel magic (A)
  71:                  uncurse (B)
  72:              wraith form (B)
  77:                   summon (A)
  80:           vampiric blast (A)
  85:            ethereal walk (A)
  91:                 phantasm (B)

A bit of advice for beginner places to level
1-10 Dragon Academy, Mob Factory
10-25 Newbie Lake, Wayhouse,
25-40 Midgaard Gold Mines, Sligs Cave, Newbie Gardens, Clan
Halls Lounge
40-60 Mt. Skygate, Sandcastle
60-80 Clouds, Storm Clouds, Channels of Despair, Temple of
80-100 Castle Trinity, Mangel Realm, Soth, Dragon's Mouth



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