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Newbie Necromancer Guide

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Newbie Necromancer Guide   

The Necromancer is truly a unique class on the mud, even on
one with as a varied as selection. The only class able to
summon minions to their side at will, and reanimating at
higher levels, a Necromancer has others doing their bidding
for them.  Being a Necromancer both has it's pros and cons.  A
Necromancer does not leave a corpse upon death, thus there is
never the concern of retrieving your corpse in dangerous
places, however, since a Necromancer is so close to death,
the exp penalty upon dying is double that of any other class.
INT is the main attribute of a Necromancer, and whilst some go
Half Giant for the eventual ability of a Necromancer to be the
one in the group to take the brunt of the attacks of a mob,
most would still go along with those favorable to a magic using
race, such as Sprite, Elf, Half Elf, and perhaps even Shadow.
In addition to being able to summon minions, or even resurrecting
dead enemies to do their bidding, a Necromancer's attacks sap
the life force from their opponent, so they leech back some
hitpoints during the entire fight, making them extremely self

Below is the Skills List of an Necromancer, along with a guide
of importance for them to be learned.
(A) = Practice ASAP
(B) = Practice when you have spare points, or it's useful
later than when you get it
(C) = Dont bother

   1:  avoid (A)
   6:               sustenance (C)
   7:            reapers touch (C)
   9:             detect magic (C)
  10:              detect evil (C)
  11:              detect good (C)
  12:             cure disease (B)
  13:             detect invis (B)
  14:            detect hidden (B)
  15:                blindness (A)
  16:              deaths hand (C)
  17:              faerie fire (A)
  20:            burning hands (C)
  21:            summon minion (A)
  26:                    curse (B)
  26:           spectral storm (C)
  27:               soul drain (A)
  28:           cure blindness (A)
  29:                 identify (B)
  31:                   poison (B)
  32:              dispel evil (C)
  33:              dispel good (C)
  35:              minion call (A)
  36:              infravision (B)
  37:         spectral barrier (A)
  39:              cure poison (B)
  40:            detect poison (C)
  41:          soul absorption (A)
  42:               faerie fog (A)
  42:                 necrosis (A)
  50:       spectral awareness (B)
  53:                    invis (B)
  55:           unholy barrier (A)
  63:             dispel magic (A)
  65:                    haste (A)
  67:              feeble mind (A)
  71:               soul steal (A)
  75:             morbid light (B)
  77:                   embalm (A)
  78:            cadaver altar (A)
  88:              corpse walk (B)

A bit of advice for beginner places to level
1-10 Dragon Academy, Mob Factory
10-25 Newbie Lake, Wayhouse,
25-40 Midgaard Gold Mines, Sligs Cave, Newbie Gardens, Clan
Halls Lounge
40-60 Mt. Skygate, Sandcastle
60-80 Clouds, Storm Clouds, Channels of Despair, Temple of
80-100 Castle Trinity, Mangel Realm, Soth, Dragon's Mouth



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