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Newbie Knight Guide

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Newbie Knight Guide   

Somewhat a mix between a Warrior and Cleric, a Knight embodies
the nature of both classes. A capable fighter, and a decent
healer, with strong physical attacks, and a fair amount of
protective spells in their arsenal, Knights are not to be looked down
upon.  Knights often have the advantage of being mounted and jousting
enemies from another room for alpha striking and dealing considerable
damage. Despite STR being the primary attribute for a Knight, they do
also cast spells, so looking at the race charts and showing the modifiers,
whilst some might still go Half Giant for the strength factor, a Half Orc
might not be a bad race to pick either as it does add a STR bonus but does
not take away from INT and WIS, which factors into spellcasting. Other
choices could also include Half Elf and Human, but preference depends
on the player and how they like to play,power oriented should go for
strength, and more spellcasting should lean towards the more magical
races, or perhaps something in between for a more balanced character.

Below is the Skills List of an Knight, along with a guide of
importance for them to be learned.
(A) = Practice ASAP
(B) = Practice when you have spare points, or it's useful
later than when you get it
(C) = Dont bother

   1:                    parry (A)
   4:                     kick (C)
   5:               cure light (C)
   6:              cause light (C)
   8:                    armor (A)
   9:                   rescue (B)
  11:            second attack (A)
  12:             create water (B)
  13:              detect evil (C)
  14:          continual light (B)
  14:              detect good (C)
  15:             cure serious (C)
  16:            cause serious (C)
  17:              create food (B)
  17:          enhanced damage (A)
  18:           know alignment (C)
  20:                  refresh (B)
  20:             cure disease (A)
  22:             detect invis (B)
  23:              faerie fire (A)
  24:            detect poison (C)
  28:            detect hidden (B)
  29:                     hack (A)
  32:               earthquake (C)
  33:            cure critical (C)
  34:           cure blindness (A)
  35:              dispel evil (C)
  36:           cause critical (C)
  36:              dispel good (C)
  37:                blindness (A)
  38:                    bless (A)
  40:           call lightning (C)
  41:              cure poison (B)
  42:              flamestrike (C)
  45:             third attack (A)
  47:               faerie fog (A)
  49:                   refuge (A)
  55:          control weather (C)
  57:               holy altar (A)
  59:                     heal (A)
  64:                    joust (A)
  69:             shield punch (A)
  71:           spear of light (A)
  73:                   vision (B)
  74:                  crusade (A)
  85:              martyrs cry (B)
  85:           ethereal steed (A)
  91:                   polish (B)
  99:                    mount (A)

A bit of advice for beginner places to level
1-10 Dragon Academy, Mob Factory
10-25 Newbie Lake, Wayhouse,
25-40 Midgaard Gold Mines, Sligs Cave, Newbie Gardens, Clan
Halls Lounge
40-60 Mt. Skygate, Sandcastle
60-80 Clouds, Storm Clouds, Channels of Despair, Temple of
80-100 Castle Trinity, Mangel Realm, Soth, Dragon's Mouth



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