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Building Links
Web LinksUseful links for plot development, ideas, laying out maps and writing areas.
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1   Link   Online Monster Manual
Need the facts about mobiles? Here is an online version of the DND Monster Manual. This site has many other useful things aside from monsters. Worth a look for all builders.
2   Link   Wizard's Random Tavern Generator
Generate a random tavern complete with the barkeep's name, class, race and level. It generates a menu, rumors, patrons and descriptions of rooms in the inn based on the luxury level of the tavern. Tavern's are a great place to start quests. As any ve
3   Link   Wizard's NPC Background Generator
This generator is awesome for adding depth to your NPC's. Suppose you have a mob you want to do something with but don't quite know what. This gives you the NPC's full background history. With this you can find plenty of quest ideas.
4   Link   Wizard's Instant Dragon Generator
This is awesome. It lets you generate a customized dragon. It gives you the info about where it lives and what its lair looks like. You can choose its level, color and if it has a mate and young.
5   Link   Wizard's Adventure 'Hook' Generator
This is straight from wizards.com. It allows you to choose from fantasy, dnd or bare bones ideas. A brief story idea is generated to stimulate the creative juices.
6   Link   Random Dungeon Generator
This lets you create a map of a dungeon. You choose the theme (undead, etc.) and it even generates what mobs pop in what rooms. It even tells you where the doors are and if they are locked. Its pretty nice.
7   Link   Random Adventure Generator
Generates a general adventure plot outline.


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