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Here is how to use qbits:

Qbits use the vnums of your area. If your area has vnums 100-200, you
will assign your quest progs the vnums 100-200. This way we ensure the same
qbits aren't used twice on the mud.

How to use them in progs:

The if check - if hasqbit($n) == 101
The command to set a qbit on someone - mpqset $n 101 - QUEST STEP #
     (Note: Everytime you use this command on someone it toggles the qbit on
     and off. In my personal experience, I have found it is better to remove
     qbits, if you want them removed, at the absolute end of the total prog.)
To remove a qbit from someone - mpqset $n 101 (Don't put the quest step part)
To add temporary qbits - mpqset $n -101 (Use a negative vnum)

Here is an example of a simple qbit prog:

>give_prog bleeding heart
if hasqbit($n) == 102
mpqset $n 103 - BLEEDING HEART PART 2
say I have long waited for this.
mpjunk heart
mpoload 100 350
drop sword
mpforce $n get sword
if hasqbit($n) == 103
say You have already given me this.
drop heart
say I want this...but, not from you.
eat heart


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