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Dragon Swords MSP Sounds

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Dragon Swords uses MSP to enrich your mudding experience with sound. Download the zip with all you will need here. Next follow these directions to hear sounds for various events in the game:

This is the Main Sound Package for Dragon Swords.. We will be releasing individual sound
packages for each Class later in the future.

Instructions to install:

1. Create the directory "ds\action" under the directory containing your mud client
   Example:  zmud\ds\action  or  mudmaster\ds\action

2. Unzip these sound files to the ds\action directory

3. Enable MSP on your Mud Client.. below lists some basic instructions on how to do that
   for Zmud and Mudmaster

4. Enable Sound on Dragon Swords by using the SOUND command


1. Enable MSP under under View|Preferences|Sounds
2. Ensure that Triggers are Enabled (the sounds run off of triggers)


1. First read in the sounds by typing "#msp /mudmaster." - This is
     assuming that you have it installed in the mudmaster directory. If
     not then change it accordingly.
2. If you would like to ensure the sounds have been read in, type
     "#msp ?" and you should see a list of the sounds. If not, you have
     read in the sounds from the wrong directory.
3. Enable the sounds by typing "#msp on"
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October is Dragon Swords Anniversary month! Yay! Happy 16th birthday!

DragonSwords Mud is up and running.