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 Using this allows you to let your quest mobs give exp during a quest.
This is to be used restrictively and M U S T have a level restriction on any
exp given. It is not written to allow for the change in exp which happens
in the 170s.
To use mpexps (or exp for *s*olo) check the level command to see how much exp
is needed for a person to level at the level range you are making the quest for.
then choose suitable exp to give them. suppose im level 363 i'll need 3395000
exp to level. I can get prolly 30k off a lazy kill somewhere. so you would put
mpexps 30000 if you wanted to give them 30k exp for completing that task.
a good way to limit the abuse of this is to use qbits so they cannot
repeat this step forever and just do that instead of leveling.
To use mpexpg (or exp for *g*roup) do the same thing. I'm pretty sure it
does not split the exp u use. It awards each person in the group however
much u specify. so if you put mpexpg 30000 each person in the group would
get that. But! to avoid abuse with the level ranges use this group exp only
when writing for quests well away from that 170 range. You might also want
to give a heads up that its a group quest for group exp in your greet progs.
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