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Mob Vrs Mob

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Time and time again i see on the crash board mob killing mob, for
example dhugal the bandit killer, crashing the mud. i even tried to
change this to slay today so it would avoid the whole fighting thing.
that crashed it too. so keep mob vrs mob battles and slays to an absolute
minimum please. i'm trying to eliminate reasons for crashes as i
find them. i've also noticed a lot of crashes on greet progs which
do not have an if ispc($n) check. it could just be something unknown
crashed the mud and the greet prog just happened to be the last thing
that happened or it could be that the 100's or 1000's of greet progs
firing at every move update are just too much to stand. so just in case
remember to put an if ispc($n) check at the beginning of your greets
and an endif at the end of them unless it is something very special
that u just wanna make mobs interact.
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