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What We Want

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Part of your jobs as builders is to build around and protect what has
come before you. add to it, work with it, build quests into already
existing characters and plots. Chelly had a daughter? by who? I'd love
to know that answer. Take an area, look at it very closely, if it has
a history in a book or on mobs that isnt readily apparent, bring it
to light. If you see something which just begs for expansion build on
it. For example Danica and her crimes: Aren't you just dying to help
Danica and know more about her situation? She has a history book
written about her now but wouldn't a quest with even more info be
cool also? Sometimes we get used to seeing areas as just moving mobs
or whatever eq they drop. Areas should be stories, the mobs, objs
and progs should bring those stories to life. I cannot stress it
enough, write out your story before u go slappin in rooms. Write out
your riddles, puzzles and quests beforehand. Use paper and planning.
Thanks for giving DS your efforts. Try and make your stories ones
people will love and call their favorite areas and also make sure
you show the builders who came before you respect and love by
keeping what was important to them intact in their areas and
drawing attention to their story lines which might go unoticed
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