Dragons above, Dragons bellow!

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Getting Started

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Step One:
      Ask the imms if they want you as a builder.

Step Two:
     If yes, then ask for vnums and get set up with a builder account on builder port.

Step Three:
     Read 'HELP OLC' and all the related files. Some of this stuff is pretty complicated and there is limited help on builder port. Building is pretty much self taught. There's no sense writing out your story if you aren't going to be able to handle the OLC and PROG systems.

Step Four:
     Write your story. Draw your maps. Write your riddles, quests and progs on paper. Get a cohesive story together and then dig into OLC.

Step Five:
     Build area in OLC and test it for errors and flow. You can ask for an imm to move the pfiles of players who have agreed over to builder port to help test your area.You can definately have help from anyone willing.

Step Six:
     Communicate with imm that your area is ready for a look over. Be prepared to take notes and fix things. List the items which need stat checking and send them to Gilraen for approval.

Step Seven:
     When area is good to go and all fixes are done, write a note to the imm with your file name. The file name is located under AEDIT-File. The imm will then move your area, reboot and post announcements about it and post that all bugs should be reported to you.

Step Eight:
     Read your bug notes and fix your bugs on builder port and let the imms know which file you want moved to main port.

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