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Reset Mobiles

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One thing i can tell u. Is that if u use one mobile many times
you must set a 'global' number in each reset. suppose you have
a guard, you know ahead of time you want 10 guards. You would
do the resets for the guard something like this:
reset 1 mob 1234 10
reset 2 mob 1234 10
(Note: you must be standing in the room u want that mob to load in
when u type each reset.) The 10 at the end is the global number for
how many of those guards there will be in the whole world. If you
only make 5 resets there will theoretically be 2 guards in each
room if your global number is 10. But, using this method of resets
requires you wait a couple of ticks for the area to load your mobs.
Also if someone kills some of these mobiles but not all it sometimes
results in a bad pop. Have you ever seen a room stacked with 10
mobs that should be spread out over the area? This is what happened.
This method of resetting should only be used for wandering mobs.
You won't notice if they popped wrong if they are all spread out.
For stationary/sentinel mobs you should make as many unique mobs
as u possibly can. Lets say u want 5 sentinel skeletons in a
gauntlet. Medit create 5 different skeletons, all looking alike if
you want. go to each room in turn that u want a skeleton to pop in
in each room type this:
reset 1 mob 1234 1
-in the next room
reset 1 mob 1235 1
Repeat until you have set one skeleton in each room. The global
number there is 1 and you will avoid bad pops that way...most of
the time :P This is, after all, DS. Help reset has the syntax for
resetting mobs if you forget.
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