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Creating Doors

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Creating doors in OLC can be quite tricky.
First read over the second section of HELP REDIT.

Let's say you want to make a door to the east which
is closed, locked and pickproof
Here is the procedure to do that:

Go to the room you want to add the door to.
Make sure there is an exit to the east. If not
you can create one by using the link or dig commands.
You would use EAST DIG #VNUM to create a new room to
the east. You would use EAST LINK #VNUM to make an
exit between the room you are in and another existing

Once you have an exit to the east, you can begin
editing the properties of the door. Again we wanted
the door to be closed, locked and pickproof. First,
you must make it a door and not just a plain exit.
Type EAST DOOR to make this happen. Hitting return
while using redit will allow you to review the stats
of the room you are in. Hit return to make sure the
change was made to your eastern exit.

at once to add multiple flags. Doing this should set
the stats on both sides of the door. However, you
must go to both sides of the door to set the name.

To set the name of the first side of the door type
EAST NAME DOOR then open the door and go through and
type redit in the room on the other side of the door
and type WEST NAME DOOR. Easy enough, yes? From
here you can also check the stats on this side of
the door to make sure they are correct.

If you change your mind about a flag on a door, you
can just type DIRECTION FLAG to toggle the flag
back off. When naming a door it is best not to use
color in the door's name. This is the actual keyword
of the door as well as what you see on scan. Though
most people type OPEN DIRECTION to use a door...you
never know.
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