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Name Generators

Can't think of a name? Help policy got you down? Try one of these name generators.

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1   Link   Random Name Generator
This name generator has a huge database of names to draw from. It is hands down the best I have seen. They are legit names from many nations, time periods and genres. Its an invaluable resource.
2   Link   The DnD Character Name Generator
You input various info about your character and out pops a name. For Dawn the female halfling Bard I got Darnys Mongothsbeard. Pretty cool!
3   Link   Fantasy Name Generators
This site has a wide variety of generators including hawaiian and japanese.
4   Link   Awesome Name Generators
Includes dark elf, elf, dwarf, goblin and tons of other name generators. Very nice.
5   Link   Various Name Generators
Some of these are not mud friendly but others are useful for naming a character on Dragon Swords.
6   Link   Necromancer Name Generator
very basic but some cool evil sounding names are spawned from this.


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